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    The model 18-20 was first manufactured in 1990 and has been very well received in the market place. The designation originated because this model utilizes a 18 HP engine, which enables application of insecticides at vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The 18-20 produces the correct particle size to meet all insecticide label requirements at vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

    Model 18-20 surpasses most other foggers for two important reasons. One, a new-generation overhead, V-twin cylinder engine (with throttle down feature) produces fewer emissions, consumes less fuel, and has longer service intervals than conventional `L` ™ head engines. Two, our Triple-V Belt Drive feature reduces blower RPM more than 25%. This design extends blower life and creates a quieter operating fogging machine.

    The newest technology for use with ULV foggers utilizes G.P.S. for Speed Compensation Flow Control of insecticide output. The Model 18-20 is available with these advancements, including monitoring and recording of adulticide applications and tracking of vehicles.


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    The NEW 9-10 ULV sprayer (9HP – 10 MPH) built by London Foggers was designed at the request from Industry for a more affordable blower machine than London Foggers model 18-20. It has been extensively field tested prior to its release. The 9-10 is smaller in overall size and lighter with less horsepower but will provide adequate results with a lower budget price.


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    Controlling mosquitoes and insects has never been easier with the compact and reliable Colt, a HAND PORTABLE ULV fogger.

    FEDERAL STOCK NUMBER 3740-01-456-2622

    F500 Thermal

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    The F500-E is the most popular truck/trailer mounted thermal fogger! One 12 volt battery enables the engine to be started and the fog output controlled by switches located in the remote cab control.

    A dry and effective thermal fog is created by the exclusive turbo rotor system.

    No insecticide pump is required because the formulation container (provided by user) is elevated, allowing the liquid to gravity flow to the fogger.


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    M. A. G., a ULV fogger, is the ideal fogger to control insects and mosquitoes in a medium-sized indoor or outdoor area. This compact, light weight model is ideal for small communities with a limited budget.

    Foaming Equipment

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