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    How is a dream born? How does an idea arise? I do not know, I think it's forming little by little ...

    A few months ago I was before a moment of those that change your life, without thinking, or planning everything that gave me stability changed, I left my comfort zone abruptly and this triggered a number of emotions and very varied feelings: surprise, anger, frustration, disappointment, fear and the loss of what until then he believed was a life status.

    The reality is that after several months and several decisions, now with a different hierarchy of values, I begin to write based on the desire to move forward; acting first for me and for mine ... so I decide to take up a project that some time ago, 22 years exactly, I sold. Today, with conviction and hope, I take it back from the drawer.

    The decision I made at that time benefited us, allowed us to bring to the Mexican industry a number of new products, technologies that we did not have at hand and that little by little were part of the tools of a professional in Pest Control or Vector Control. That company - in the human sense of the word - was what I embraced as important, the challenge I chose thinking that for Mexico and the industry was the best. I appreciate that I have been allowed to be and do what became a current business model.

    When deciding to take up ECONTROL I renew the dream of innovation, the dream of the COMPANY with Human Sense, with a new model, one closer to our present, with the exception that it depends on entrepreneurs with a high social sense in search of a better community. Regardless of the order placed by the supply and demand of the markets, the value of the stock in the stock market, our current principles are guided by the social balance, the contribution to our society and the development of the person as a principle and end of the company; These are our priorities and with them in our minds and hearts we have proposed the generation of wealth.

    It is wonderful to find and rediscover friends, business partners who have always been and been there, others who surprise with support without asking for anything in return; It is also true that life filters you to those who you thought were unconditional before, but whose interests no longer coincide.

    In the company ... as in life we ​​do not expect others to do what we think we would do, reality is raw and you only have what it IS, not what you suppose there will be because it was there before.

    The company and the man are born every morning in each dawn, we are reborn in each dream in each idea that brings us closer to what we want, to what we are.

    For ECONTROL and for Me, this is a premise that opens doors and horizons that have not been discovered or explored before, but that today are opportunities for growth and learning.

    There is something good waiting for each of us everywhere, in all people, today we are this canvas where imagination and dreams will make our ideas come true.

    Our effort and commitment is and will always be for a better society, for a better Mexico, for a better us.

    1/3/2018 12:31 PM
    Nice article , Thanks for posting !
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