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    PeruPlagas Addresses Public Health and IPM Issues

    Early November proved to be an eventful time for the people of Peru as their National Soccer Team defeated New Zealand to qualify for the country’s first World Cup in 36 years. The team and its fans will travel to Russia in mid-June in hopes of a strong showing at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, building on their impressive qualifying performances. At the same time Peru was celebrating its victory over New Zealand, PeruPlagas 2017, a two-day seminar with forums devoted to public health and integrated pest management (IPM), took place in Lima, drawing a crowd of more than 530 industry professionals.

    PMPs came together at the invitation of INRO, a leader in the field of distribution, who organized the event for a second time, attracting participants from more than 15 different countries.Mauricio Rubin  and Guillermo Tarelli, from INRO’s management team, developed an impressive educational program, along with an exhibit hall featuring the support of a number of vendors. Both elements of the international congress were well received by attendees, who eagerly consumed the educational and product information that was presented at the two-day event. Food safety and vector control programs were specific areas of interest at this year’s show, reinforcing the industry’s longtime commitment to protecting public health.

    Peru is a nation of more than 30 million citizens with a strong cultural heritage and growing food processing and hospitality industries, offering ample opportunity for pest management professionals to expand their businesses while serving these important marketplaces.


    – Benjamin Gomez



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