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    Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") are applicable to all persons who use this website, located at (the "Website" or the "Online Store"). These Terms and Conditions constitute the general conditions of contracting and together with the Purchase Orders, the corresponding Purchase Confirmations and the other Contractual Documents of the Site, govern the relationship that exists between Econtrol Services and Products S of RL de CV ("Econtrol México "," Econtrol "or" We ") and: (i) the Econtrol Customers who use the Website and acquire goods through electronic means and / or (ii) the people who visit the Website and consult or use their content (the "Users"). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By using this Website you declare that you have read and understood the Contract Documents of the Site and that you agree to be bound by the declarations and clauses that they establish.

    1. Background

      Econtrol has developed the Online Store so that any registered customer of Econtrol, located in Mexico or abroad, can acquire any of the articles contemplated in our Online Articles Catalog and request that said items be delivered to any address located in Mexico. . The use of this Website is governed by the laws of the United Mexican States. If You use this site from another country, You will be using our Website at your own risk and is responsible for complying with Mexican laws and those that are in force in the jurisdiction in which You are located.

    2. Statements of Econtrol Mexico

      Econtrol México declares: (i) that Econtrol México is a commercial corporation incorporated in accordance with the laws of the United Mexican States; (ii) that Econtrol Mexico operates a distribution of products for the Pest Control Industry, vector control and food safety programs, as well as research and development projects in the field of the company and consultancy and training in the sector of our field of action, located in CDMX; (iii) that Econtrol México has as its main business activity to sell to its customers the goods and services that Econtrol México has in stock in its stores; (iv) that Econtrol México has developed its Online Store with the purpose that the Customers of Econtrol may acquire through electronic means the merchandise that is shown in the Catalog of Online Items on our Website, in the terms that the parties agree on the corresponding Purchase Order and Purchase Confirmation.

    3. Declarations of the Client of Econtrol

      The Client of Econtrol declares, by its own right: (i) to be a natural person, over 18 years of age and have full legal capacity to be bound by the terms of this contract: (ii) hold the quality of CLIENTE Econtrol; (iii) have your home located, for purposes of this contract, at the address you have provided to Econtrol MEXICO in your membership application or in the registration of your online account; (iv) you wish to register on the Website to create an account that is associated with your data as a customer and allows you to purchase items from the Online Store; (v) that you are aware that all transactions that are made on the Website by yourself or by a third party and that are associated with the use of your passwords and / or your electronic signature, will be attributable to the Client Econtrol.

      In addition to the above statements, the Econtrol Client that has registered as a pest control service company with the respective federal license within the "EMPRESA DE SERVICIO" affiliation program, states that: (a) it has a legal relationship with the business or corresponding company which has accredited at the time of holding its data entry form of the service company and; (b) that in the terms of said legal relationship, the Client of Econtrol is authorized to act on behalf of that company or business and / or to assume obligations for the corresponding company or business, complying with all the guidelines, rules and norms that are the responsibility of the pest control industry.

    4. Definitions

      The terms described below will have the meaning attributed to them; the above, whether they are used with capitals or small letters, in singular or plural or in abbreviated form.

      "Catalog of Online Items" or "Catalog" .- Consists of all merchandise, goods and, where appropriate, services, which are available in the Online Store; Items in the Catalog are not necessarily available or in stock at the time an Order is placed; likewise, they may be changed, replaced or discontinued from time to time at the discretion of Econtrol México.

      "Site Content" .- This term includes any information or material contained or published on the Website. It includes, but is not limited to: trademarks, designs, descriptions of products, text in HTML, graphics, files, photographs or images; It also includes the code, the computer programs, software representations, databases and any derivative works that the Website uses.

      "Professional Client Registration" .- It is the registration of the Professional in Pest Control that is celebrated between Econtrol Mexico and the Company and / or Physical Person with business activity that holds a sanitary license for the use and application of professional products for the control of pests, which has requested registration. The Professional Client Registry, duly accepted by Econtrol Mexico, confirms the Econtrol Client Registration to the Online Store and that (s) operated by Econtrol Mexico and allows the owner of the company or representative designated by the Client Econtrol to enjoy the benefits of Being an Econtrol customer.

      "Purchase Confirmation" or "Order Confirmation" .- It is the data message generated by the Website in which Econtrol México declares its acceptance to fill the Purchase Order proposed by the Econtrol Client. The Purchase Confirmation confirms that Econtrol Mexico has sold and the Econtrol Customer has purchased the corresponding items and records the time of purchase. The message includes an order number so that the Econtrol CLIENT can monitor the delivery of your order.

      "Contractual Documents of the Site" .- The term includes these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Notice, the Delivery Policy, Returns and Cancellations (including the Econtrol Satisfaction Guarantee) and, where applicable, the Client Registration. ; in general, the term also includes any other contract, agreement, notice or policy that Econtrol Mexico issues and publishes from time to time and that is applicable to the transactions carried out through the Online Store.

      "Purchase Order" or "Order" .- It is the data message generated by the Client of Econtrol to request the acquisition of an article of the Online Catalog of Goods, and in which the Client of Econtrol expresses its willingness to acquire said Items in the amount, price, terms and conditions established there.

      "Physical Econtrol client with business activity and who has a valid health license for the purchase of products for pest control, pest control services companies, professionals in urban sanitation services" So also the section of this site reserved for the public in general and that can be accessed openly for the purchase of products in a transactional manner without having registration of health license but that are excluded from buying products for professional use. - The term includes any person who has obtained the customer registration of Econtrol, in the terms of the corresponding programs. In the case of the Econtrol Clients that have registered with Econtrol México, the term includes the clients that have signed an Affiliation Registration either in one of the Warehouses or through the Website. In the case of Econtrol Clients not registered to Econtrol Mexico.

      "Stores" .- "Branches" or "Warehouses" .- These terms are used interchangeably to refer to any of the points of sale operated by Econtrol Mexico within the territory of the Mexican Republic.

      "User" .- Any person who visits and / or uses the Website for any reason. The term includes the Customers of Econtrol, in all that refers to the use that the Customers of Econtrol make of the Website.

      "You" .- The term generally includes the Econtrol Clients and any User, unless specifically stated otherwise.

    5. Object

      These Terms and Conditions, together with the Contract Documents of the Site, establish the general conditions of contract that are applicable: (i) in a supplementary manner to the sales transactions carried out between Econtrol Mexico and the Customers of Econtrol in the Store Online and; (ii) Your use of the Website and the Content of the Site.

    6. Restrictions on access or use applicable on the Site

      a) Exclusive site for Econtrol Clients. Anyone can visit and consult the pages of the Website. However, only Econtrol Customers can make purchases of items online. The Customers of Econtrol that wish to acquire merchandise must register to the Website for the purposes of opening an account using their Registration number for that purpose. Users that do not have a Registry may acquire their Registry at any of the Econtrol Mexico Branches or enter into an Affiliation Agreement with Econtrol México through the Website.

      b) Deliveries of articles only in Mexico. This Website can only be used to purchase items that are going to be delivered to an address located in Mexico.

      c) Restriction for minors and incapable. To register and buy on this Website you must be at least 18 years of age. Econtrol Mexico does not consciously encourage or allow minors to make use of this Website. If you have not reached the age of 18 or your contractual capacity is limited by the applicable legislation, you must not send us Purchase Orders or use our website in any way.

    7. License to use the Website; permitted uses and restrictions

      If you comply with the aforementioned requirements and are not subject to any of the restrictions referred to in Clause 6 above, Econtrol México grants you a personal, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable record so that you can use our Website for personal use only , private and non-profit.

      This registry is subject to restrictions and does not include, among others, the following uses: (i) use the Website to resell products or make any other commercial use of the Website or the Contents of the Site; (ii) carry out the modification, adaptation, translation, engineering reversion, disassembly, decompilation or conversion of any format or computer program that exists on the Website. You are only authorized to use the HTML code or any other code of this Website in the form in which You receive it through your browser; nor is it authorized to make such codes available to a third party; (iii) copy, imitate, replicate for use on mirror servers, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, display or transmit any Site Content (including registered trademarks) in any form or by any means; This restriction includes, but is not limited to, the following means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means; (iv) collect and use any list of products or product descriptions; (v) make modifications to the Website and / or the Contents of the Site or make any derivative work from said materials or; (vi) use any mechanism or automated tool (including bots, spiders, among others) or any similar method or technology that has as a purpose or as a consequence, the extraction, collection or collection, directly or indirectly, of the Contents of the Site, or of any information or personal data related to the Website.

      Except for the uses of the Website that have been authorized in this clause, it is noted that Econtrol México does not grant you, explicitly or implicitly, any right or license for you to use any patent, trademark, copyright , rights of access, use or exploitation of databases or any other intellectual property right belonging to Econtrol or any third party, under the terms of the applicable legislation (including copyright or industrial property rights). You must not use meta-tags or hidden text that includes the name, registered trademark or the names of the products of the Companies of the Econtrol Group without previously obtaining the express written consent of Econtrol México.

      Econtrol México reserves the right to terminate this registration at any time if you fail to comply with any of the clauses set out in the Contract Documents of the Site or if you allow or tolerate a third party to breach those clauses. In such case, Econtrol México may cancel your account on our Website and prohibit you from accessing or using it, as well as canceling your Registration, in accordance with the provisions of the Affiliation Agreement and the Regulations. It is noted that the conduct of behaviors that contravene the clauses established in the Contract Documents of the Site may also result in a violation of the law (including legislation on copyright, industrial property, commercial laws, telecommunications or criminal law , among other provisions). Econtrol México reserves the right to exercise against you any commercial, criminal, civil or administrative action that, according to law, proceeds to defend the rights of Econtrol México or any User of the Site.

    8. Sale of goods; contracting and payment of articles

      a) Use of password. By creating an account on the Website, our platform will link your Client Registration number with your email address and with the security password that You will choose and that only You should know. In this way, your password is associated with your identity and Customer profile within the Website. You can only make transactions if you have entered the Website through the use of your secret password. In terms of the provisions contained in the Commercial Code, the use of this password allows us to identify it in the digital environment and attribute the acts and transactions carried out in the Online Store. Econtrol México has the right: (i) to assume that the data messages associated with its electronic signature or account come from the Econtrol Client linked to said signature and / or account and to act in consequence of the received message (eg process a merchandise purchase) Y; (ii) to consider that the data message you sent us expressly corresponds to the one you wanted to send us.

      b) Information delivered to the Econtrol Client before the transaction. Before placing your Order, you can review the characteristics and technical specifications of the merchandise and the terms and conditions that are applicable to the acquisition of the item (including the price, charges, methods of payment, and special conditions that could be applicable to the delivery of the merchandise). This information usually appears in the information sheets associated with each product. In a supplementary manner, all purchase and sale of articles is governed by these Terms and Conditions and by the Delivery and Cancellation Policy itself, which includes the purchasing policy of Econtrol. In case you have any questions about the merchandise or the service you intend to purchase, please contact Econtrol México. Before placing your Order, our Online Store will allow you to review the items you have selected, the quantity of products that you have chosen to buy and the address in which the delivery will be made, in addition to the total price to be paid and the taxes that correspond to the transaction.

      c) Prices. The prices of the articles are expressed in pesos, the Currency of legal tender in the United Mexican States. The prices of the articles are those shown on the Website and, unless otherwise indicated, do not include applicable taxes (IEPS and VAT) when applicable, the shipping and delivery costs and, where applicable, charges and expenses related to the import of the products. In the case of merchandise whose total price is determined based on their weight, you should not pay an additional price in case of receiving a higher weight product. Before clicking on the payment button, you can see the total price to be paid and the discounts that may be applicable; The taxes to be paid will be broken down in the terms established by the applicable regulation.

      d) Availability of articles. The items displayed on the Website belong to our Online Item Catalog. The articles are subject to availability and, therefore, may not be in existence at the time you place the order. Please consider the fact that the articles are in the Catalog on the Website does not constitute a unilateral offer of sale of these goods by Econtrol México. On the contrary, when you send us a Purchase Order, you make an offer to acquire a certain amount of merchandise from us. In the event that we accept your offer, you will receive a Purchase Confirmation data message. In general, if we do not have sufficient merchandise or require additional information from you to process the transaction, we inform you of these situations before sending you a Purchase Confirmation.

      e) Purchase of articles; ownership of the goods. The purchase is perfected and it is obligatory for both parties at the moment when you receive from Econtrol Mexico a Confirmation of Purchase message through the Website; In general, we make the charge on your credit card at the time we issue your Purchase Confirmation. Ownership of the goods is transmitted to you at the moment you receive the Purchase Confirmation or when Econtrol Mexico receives your payment, regardless of whether the payment was agreed in partial installments or in full, also applies for payments through platforms such as Paypal, Mercadopago, iZettle or Compropago.

      f) Risks of loss or deterioration of the article.- You are responsible for the loss, damage or deterioration of your merchandise from the moment in which the delivery of the merchandise is made. The goods are considered delivered when the courier company makes them available to the recipient at the address established for delivery and when the recipient signs received.

      g) Delivery of the goods.- The terms applicable to the delivery of the goods vary depending on the type of item purchased and its size. In general, the articles are delivered in the terms indicated in the Delivery and Cancellation Policy in the Delivery Terms that were informed in the corresponding article's file. Econtrol México assumes no responsibility for delays in delivery or impossibility of delivery when such delays or failure to comply derives from any unforeseen circumstances, force majeure and, in general, any cause beyond the control of Econtrol México. In any case, the maximum responsibility of Econtrol for any breach of delivery will be established as a conventional penalty in these Terms and Conditions. In case the courier company fails to deliver the item in three visits to the Econtrol Client, the item will be returned to Econtrol Mexico.

      h) Cancellation of Purchase Orders by Econtrol México. The Client of Econtrol and Econtrol México accept that Econtrol México will have the right to rescind or cancel all or part of any transaction after the Purchase Confirmation and even before delivery. In this case, Econtrol México will contact you and let you know that your order was canceled. In cases where the cancellation of an order is determined, we will not charge your credit card or, we will inform you that your Order has been canceled and we will refund your money to the credit card that was used as a means of payment . The Client of Econtrol accepts that Econtrol México rescinds or cancels the purchase and makes the return of the corresponding money when the cancellation is derived from, or originated by, among others, the following situations:
      i. Typographical or capture errors;
      ii. Failures in the computer systems of Econtrol Mexico or its suppliers;
      iii. The existence of inaccuracies or errors in the information offered for any merchandise in our Catalog, or regarding its price or availability; iv. Actions taken by Econtrol Mexico to guarantee equity between Econtrol Clients in the event that several Clients request the same items and the existence thereof is limited; v. Possible risks related to You or your payment method that are identified by our credit or fraud prevention departments; vi. Situations beyond the control of Econtrol México that limit or prevent the delivery of any merchandise. vii. In the event that Econtrol México determines that you have not complied with any of the terms established in the Contract Documents of the Site.

      i) Guarantee of cancellations.- Econtrol Mexico offers a cancellation guarantee to its Clients regarding the acquired products. The Customers of Econtrol have the right to cancel the transactions made through electronic means and to request the return of the purchased items and the return of the price paid in the terms of our policies. You have the right to prefer to replace your merchandise instead of a refund in the event that Econtrol México has existence of the same merchandise. This right applies: (i) in the purchase of items in the Online Store; For more information about the procedures to make returns, please consult our Delivery, Returns and Cancellations Policy.

      j) Online payments.- Our online payment system accepts payments only through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Econtrol credit cards. Before you can complete your Purchase Order, you must have provided through the Website the address associated with your card and the data associated with your credit card, including your card number, the name of the cardholder, the expiration date and the security code of the card. For some items or during periods of special promotions, you will receive the option to pay months without interest. The specific terms of payment will be informed in the information sheets of the article. It is noted that Econtrol México does not store your credit card information; these data are obtained directly from you, through a section protected by high levels of security on our website, by the company we have contracted to perform payment processing. The payment processor requests the authorization of its purchase from the issuing bank. Econtrol Mexico has adopted various measures to ensure that its online payment is made in a safe and reliable manner. For more information, see our Privacy Notice.

      k) Electronic invoices.- Once you receive your Purchase Confirmation, you will receive the option to request your invoice. For this purpose, please click on the button "Request Invoice"; Your electronic invoice will be sent to your email address. If you wish to later invoice your purchase online or made at a branch, enter the "Electronic Billing" section, where you can request your invoice. Your invoice will be sent to you regularly 24 hours after you have requested it.

      l) Terms applicable to the renewal of Registries. To obtain your registration as a Client, you must follow the corresponding contracting procedure on the Website; During this process, Econtrol México will present you with the corresponding Registration Contract, which you must read and accept before completing your membership. The terms that apply to the relationship between Econtrol and You for purposes of your relationship as a Client of Econtrol are those that are specified in the Registration Agreement. It is noted that, as in any other transaction made through the Site, Econtrol México reserves the right to reject your membership application or any request for renewal for any reason and without any responsibility for Econtrol México.

    9. Information contained in our Catalog; availability of items

      Econtrol Mexico makes efforts to ensure that the description of the goods or services included in our Catalog is accurate, as well, to ensure that the products are available at the specified price. However, the Client of Econtrol accepts that to the extent permitted by law, Econtrol México:

      a) You do not agree that the catalog information (including product descriptions, photographs, user guides, labels, warranties) or any Site Content will be accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date or free from errors or omissions ; neither does it agree that said information coincides exactly with the information on the labels, warranties or any other information included in, or attached to, the articles themselves or their packaging.

      b) It reserves the right to change or substitute, at any time, any article of the Catalog, the prices or specifications published on the Site and any other Content of the Site; In general, we will make these modifications from time to time, without prior notice; we do not assume responsibility for the damages that could be caused by the change, substitution or discontinuity of an article;

      c) You have the right to revoke any offer or promotion applicable to the merchandise, even before the end of the validity of the promotion; in any case, Econtrol México will notify the revocation of the offer or promotion through the Website. Econtrol Mexico will respect the rights of consumers whose orders have been accepted during the validity of the offer or promotion under the terms of the applicable regulation;

      d) It does not guarantee that the goods or services that are included in our Catalog will be available when you send us your Purchase Order or later;

      e) It reserves the right to limit the quantities of merchandise made available for sale through the Site, to the extent permitted by law.

    10. Other obligations of Users
    11. The Customers of Econtrol and the Users of the Website assume the following obligations:

      a) Comply with all the clauses contained in these Terms and Conditions and in the Contract Documents of the Site.

      b) Provide the website with complete, correct and updated information. The User undertakes to notify Econtrol México of any change in the information previously provided (including delivery addresses). For this purpose, please use the options that Econtrol México offers to correct your personal data in terms of our Privacy Notice.

      c) Keep secretly and confidentially your password to access the Website and any other data to create your electronic signature. In case you consider that you have lost control over the confidentiality of your account or your password or that confidentiality is at risk, notify this situation immediately to Econtrol Mexico by contacting our Customer Service Center for Online Purchases. You are responsible for any transaction that is made through your account (made by yourself or by a third party) occurred before you have notified us of this situation. Econtrol México does not assume any obligation with respect to these transactions.

      d) The User agrees not to use the Website to: (i) participate in, encourage or advocate a crime; to take actions that violate the rights of third parties or that result in the violation of any national or international law; (ii) impersonate another person or entity or use in a false or fraudulent manner any right associated with your Registry, and (iii) disseminate through the platform of the Website any information, program or code that could cause damage including a viruses, Trojans, worms or other computer programming codes that could damage, spy on, interfere with, intercept or extract information or personal data from our computer systems, from the platform on which the online store operates, or from equipment, networks, systems and computer programs that our Users use to interact with the Website.

      Econtrol Mexico operates this Website; however, it does not have the capacity to monitor that the various persons and entities participating in the Website comply with the applicable laws; therefore, Econtrol México assumes no responsibility for any content posted or uploaded to the Website by third parties including content that could give rise to error, defamation, slander, omission, threats, falsehood or that could be considered as pornographic or that make apology or encourage any illicit act. Econtrol México has the right to (but is not obliged to) investigate any behavior of a User that is reported or perceived as illegal or that could contravene any of the clauses contained in the Contract Documents of the Site; Econtrol México may carry out this investigation on its own initiative or at the request of a third party. If you consider that a violation of any right is happening on our website (including any violation of trademarks, copyright or any other law), please send us an email to or call us at the following telephone 01 800 801 11 11.

      Econtrol México reserves the right to adopt the technical or legal actions it deems appropriate to protect the interests of Econtrol or the rights of third parties. These measures include the issuance of warnings to a User or the suspension, interruption or cancellation of access or use that a Client of Econtrol or a User makes of the Website. You agree to indemnify Econtrol México and its employees and representatives with respect to any loss or damage that Econtrol México is obligated to pay as a result of any claim, action or demand that is entered into in the Econtrol Mexico contract by a third party, when such demand or action is based on, or related to, the use that you have made of the website or your breach of any of the terms and conditions of the website or the rights of third parties. You must reimburse Econtrol México for any expenses that Econtrol Mexico must pay in relation to such claims or demands, including costs of fines and expenses in legal fees.

    12. Security Measures

      Econtrol México reserves the right to take unilateral actions (including canceling, deactivating or disabling the account of any Econtrol Client or disabling its password at any time) when such actions are necessary to maintain the security of the Website and / or of the accounts of the Econtrol Clients; We can also request additional information from you to companies that support us in fraud prevention and investigation processes, in order to evaluate whether or not we should authorize or cancel a transaction.

      Econtrol Mexico has adopted technical, physical and administrative security measures to protect your account and the Website; however, we can not protect your information outside of the Website. In this sense, for example, if we communicate with you electronically but using a mechanism external to the Website (eg email) you acknowledge and accept that there is a risk that such communication may not be transmitted and / or stored in a manner safe, and could be known by a third party. If you request information through email, the information that we send you in our response may be transmitted or stored without using cryptography or encryption techniques. In the same way, the emails that you send us may not be protected by encryption techniques and, therefore, may be viewed or accessed by third parties.

      Please, check our Privacy Notice to obtain more information about how we use, obtain, store, transfer and protect your personal data.

    13. Intellectual property

      a) Ownership of the Contents of the Site. All the Contents of the Site are the property of the Companies of the Econtrol Group or of the manufacturers or suppliers and are protected in Mexico and in other countries by laws on copyright and industrial property and by international treaties on intellectual property matters.

      b) Trademarks. Econtrol, Econtrol.COM.MX, and their respective designs and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Companies of the Econtrol Group and can not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written authorization of the Companies. of the Econtrol Group. Likewise, the page headers, the personalized graphics, the icons of the buttons and the scripts or texts also constitute intellectual property of Econtrol and are protected by trademark rights; therefore, they can not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without our prior written authorization. It is noted that among the Site Content there are also registered trademarks, product names and logos, among others, that are the property of their respective owners. You can not use these intellectual property rights without the corresponding authorization.

      c) Use Restrictions. Except as expressly stated in the Contract Documents of the Site, no Site Content or any other material protected by the laws of intellectual or industrial property related to the Website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, replicated. , downloaded, displayed, published or transmitted in any form or by any means, without our prior written authorization or without the prior written authorization of the owner of the intellectual property rights; The foregoing includes, but is not limited to the use of electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means. You may electronically copy and print some materials from this Website for personal and private use and for non-commercial or profit purposes. Any other use of the materials on this Website without our prior written permission is prohibited.

      d) Computer Programs (Software). Any computer program, including any file, images incorporated or generated by the software, and any data that accompanies the computer program (the "Software") that may be available through the Website or provide Your operation may be used only in terms of the license we have granted you in these Terms and Conditions. The Companies of the Econtrol Group shall at all times retain all intellectual property rights with respect to the Software. You must not copy, distribute, sell, modify, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or create adaptations, modifications or derivative works from our Software without the express written authorization of the Companies of the Econtrol Group.

    14. Hyperlinks

      a) Allowed links to our Website. Econtrol Mexico allows you to create a hyperlink that links a web page of a third party solely and exclusively to the main page of our Website; The right granted is not exclusive and is granted provided that the hyperlink does not imply representing any of the Companies of the Econtrol Group or any of its products and services in a derogatory, false, deceptive or defamatory manner. The right granted is subject to restrictions and may be revoked by Econtrol Mexico at any time. It is prohibited to use any Site Content protected by the intellectual or industrial property rights of the Companies of the Econtrol Group (including brands, texts, design of any page or form) without our prior written consent. The foregoing, including the use of any material by means of framing techniques. Any other form of connection between our Website and another site without our prior written consent is prohibited. Unless expressly stated, the right conferred in this clause does not confer the implicit or explicit granting of any license in favor of any person or entity.

      b) Link between our Website and third-party websites. Our Website offers users hyperlinks that allow them to access websites of third parties, to whom we have authorized them to use said technology to offer products, services or any information. It is noted that Econtrol México has no control over these third-party web pages and, therefore, we can not assume, nor do we assume any responsibility whatsoever with regard to the content of such pages or for their practices regarding the protection of personal data. The User is advised that the fact that we allow the existence of these links does not imply that we have approved or endorse these web pages or any information they contain. We do not offer any guarantee regarding the web pages of third parties and we do not assume responsibility for the quality, accuracy or reliability of the contents included therein.

    15. Risks of using the Website; no guarantees are granted
    16. Every User of the Site accepts that he uses the Website at his own risk. This Website and the materials contained therein are provided as they are and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, without warranties of any kind. Econtrol México does not grant any guarantee, explicit or implicit, regarding the quality or suitability of the information or regarding the suitability of the Website or its content for a particular purpose; Econtrol México does not guarantee implicitly or explicitly that the use of the Website satisfies the requirements of the User or that the materials on this Website are accurate, reliable or are complete or updated or free of error. Econtrol México is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions related to prices, texts or photographs. Econtrol México does not guarantee that this Website or its server (s) are free of viruses or other harmful components, even if Econtrol or its representatives have been advised of the possibility of the existence of such viruses or other harmful components. We recommend using some virus detection software that is available in the market when accessing or using this Website and keeping said software updated. The reference to any product, service, process or other information, by its trade name, registered trademark, manufacturer, supplier or any other does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the same by Econtrol.

    17. Limitation of responsibilities

      Econtrol Mexico offers its Customers the Econtrol Satisfaction Guarantee regarding the merchandise acquired. This warranty is described in general terms in our Delivery and Cancellation Policy. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Econtrol México assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury that may be caused to a Client of Econtrol or a User: (i) by the use of the Website or by the impossibility of using the Website or the interruption or discontinuity of our Online Store service; (ii) for the update or lack of updating of the Content of the Site or for the inaccuracy of any information; (iii) for transactions made with credit cards that have been reported as stolen; This is because Econtrol México does not keep data on its card, but only receives approval from the issuing bank regarding the transaction.

      All use of the products purchased by the Client Econtrol is the sole responsibility of the person who uses the goods. Once the product is delivered to its recipient, the user is responsible for the way in which it uses the articles.

      Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if it were determined that Econtrol México is liable to you, whatever the cause, our liability to you or to a third party, the parties to this contract accept that this responsibility is limited by the conventional penalty that this act agree Econtrol Mexico and the Client of Econtrol. The parties agree that said conventional penalty will be equivalent to the amount for the total price that you have paid us for the concept of your Purchase Order.

      The stipulations established in this clause do not exclude the liability that may arise for Econtrol México in its capacity as seller of the articles or the civil liability that may arise in terms of the applicable legislation.

    18. Termination

      Econtrol México reserves the right to terminate the license granted for the use of this Website at any time. The Affiliation Agreement and the other Contractual Documents of the Site will survive the termination of the license.

    19. Assignment of rights and obligations

      The Client of Econtrol and the User may not assign the rights and obligations established in their charge in these Terms and Conditions and in any other Contractual Document of the Site; The Econtrol Mexico Clients grant Econtrol México authorization to Econtrol México to assign to a third party the rights and obligations that Econtrol México is responsible for these Terms and Conditions.

    20. Modifications

      Econtrol México may modify these Terms and Conditions and, in general, the Contract Documents of the Site from time to time. In this case, we will publish the new version of the modified document on the Website and we will note in that document the date on which the last update was made. If we consider that the proposed modifications are substantial for our relationship with you, we will make an effort to notify you (e.g., through a communication to your last registered email) of the fact that Econtrol has made modifications.

      Any change or modification will take effect within a period of 30 calendar days from the date on which the modified version is published. If you do not agree with the new Contractual Documents of the Site, please stop using the Website. By making use of our Website after the entry into force of any of our Contract Documents of the Site, you are expressing your consent with respect to the clauses contained therein. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is noted that the modifications will not be applied retroactively to the orders that are in the process of delivery, which will continue to be governed by the Contractual Documents of the Site that were in force at the time of the Confirmation of Purchase.

    21. Validity separately from the clauses; resignations

      In the event that any clause contained in the Contract Documents of the Site is declared illegal, void, unenforceable or unenforceable then to the extent allowed by law, such illegality, nullity, invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the validity of the other clauses established in the Contract Documents of the Site, which will continue to be enforceable between the parties.

    22. Renunciation of rights

      The fact that Econtrol México does not fully or partially exercise any right established in the Contract Documents of the Site shall not be construed as a waiver of such right. Any waiver of rights made by Econtrol Mexico must be in writing.

    23. Third party rights

      Except as expressly provided by applicable laws, no third party that is not a party to this Contract (with the exception of any of the Companies of the Econtrol Group) shall have the right to enforce the provisions contained in the Contract Documents of the Site.

    24. Subtitles

      The subtitles that are used as headings at the beginning of each clause are included only for clarity and to facilitate reading. They are not intended to describe the entire content of a clause nor should they be considered for purposes of interpretation of these Terms and Conditions. The interpretation of each clause must be carried out in accordance with its content.

    25. Doubts, complaints and claims

      In case of doubts, complaints and / or claims regarding the content of the Contractual Documents of the Site, you can contact us through the telephones and addresses that are available for consultation in the "Contact Us" section of our Site Web.

    26. Applicable law and jurisdiction

      In case you are dissatisfied with the items purchased through the Website please contact us at the phones or means available in the Online Store. We will do everything possible to resolve your problem within 30 business days from the date you send us your claim.

      For the interpretation and fulfillment of this contract, the parties agree to abide by the laws of the United Mexican States. For any disagreement, the parties may go to the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office in their administrative area to reconcile their differences; If said differences persist, the parties expressly submit themselves to the competent courts of the City of Mexico, Federal District, who will be the only ones that may know of any judgment or claim related to the transactions carried out on the Website. The parties expressly waive any other present or future jurisdiction that by reason of their present or future domiciles may correspond to them.